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Yamaha R1 15+ 5 button LH race switch

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Five (5) button Left handle bar race switch for Yamaha R1 2015+ YEC KIT ECU Part No: YR15KL5MEPMP

● Ideal for racing, to save space and weight where it matters.

● Switch is designed to navigate your dash menu functions while omitting all street options (horn, turn signals, head lights). Switch fits plug and play all latest generation 2015+ Yamaha R1 models equipped with YEC Race Kit ECU and wiring loom

● Main functions are select (mode in oem switch), quick change menu navigation UP/DWN, pit speed limiter and engine map switch.

● Designed and CNC machined in United States from aircraft grade aluminium to be the smallest and lightest on the market.

● Premium buttons with gold plated contact surfaces, manufactured in United States by Otto Engineering.

● This switch will save you twice the space on the clip on occupied by OEM switch. Not to mention that WSBK cockpit look !