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Ducati Vented Dry Clutch Case Machining Service

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We are excited to offer this machining service for our customers. The machined/vented clutch case is one of the coolest mods found on dry clutch ducati race bikes. We've machined it to match the Ducati Corse vented clutch case found on the RS machines. The added benefits of venting your clutch case is that your clutch will run cooler which reduces the chance of overheating your clutch. Secondary benefits is that it just looks super rad. Lastly, it amplifies the sound of your dry clutch rattle. We certainly love that!

You have two options. 

1. Purchase the machining service and send us your clutch case and we will perform the service for you. You are responsible for shipping cost both ways. We suggest insuring your item and providing us with tracking. The return service will be calculated at the check out as a shipping fee.

Note: For custom machining jobs such as removing additional post/towers, There is an extra $40 service charge for CNC programming time and set up.

2. To reduce down time, you can buy one from us already machined and send us your core. There will be a core charge of $90 if you chose this route. It will be refunded upon receiving and inspection of your core unit. Please note that these are all pre-owned covers so they will be dirty and/or might have minor imperfections. (We consider them still in great condition.) We recommend having it resprayed to your choice of finish. Please contact us to see if we have an available unit in stock for your bike.

Core units must include everything we've included in the finished unit unless otherwise agreed upon. (Sightglass, main gasket, retainer clips. plugs etc.)

Please send your clutch case or core unit to the following address:

Corsa Garage

68 Leland Ave #34174

San Francisco, CA 94134A