About Us

        Well hello there! I'm Justin, the owner of Corsa Garage. I'm happy you've found us and delighted you're taking a minute to read the "about us" section. I established Corsa Garage in 2017 after years of struggling to find rare and discontinued Ducati parts. The idea was to provide a solid resource for the motorcycle community to have access to what is usually hard to find and discontinued parts for 916 era Ducati superbikes.

We've been doing that for some time now, and along with reproducing rare and discontinued Ducati components, we're starting to offer parts we think are majorly cool and would put on our own motorcycles along with partnering with some amazing builders and companies to make some pretty kick-ass pieces for you. Please keep in touch, reach out with questions, and feel free to give us a ring. I'm here to help with your motorcycle journey and continue to curate awesome products for all of us to love. Thanks again for your continued interest and support of Corsa Garage. Stay rad.


Justin Kwong