"Cut Edge" Bar End Style Mirror by Rizoma

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This bar end mirror from Rizoma features "high definition" glass with a concave bend for improved viewing angle. The Cut Edge design allows adjustability above, below, and in line with the bar through two axes, the Adjustment Arm and Ball Adjustment System. Sleekly designed to match the angular lines of modern supersport and hypernaked motorcycles, this is a great mirror choice from Rizoma for the USA Market.

Sold individually so please add left and right side to your cart if you need both.

  • High-Definition Glass
  • Machined from Billet Aluminum
  • Easy to Mount
  • Fitment kit included for most applications
  • Expansion type adapter included for bar end style mounting
  • Capable of direct clamp on handlebar or clipon mounting 

Fitment Kit includes:

  • (2) M8 long and short bolts for internally threaded bars.
  • M6 bolt for internally threaded bars
  • Knurled expansion adapter (good for bars with a 13.5-19 mm inner diameter and 30 mm of available depth)
  • Spacers of different sizes to customize the fit.
  • Bolt caps for a clean installation.

Note: These mirrors are considered universal because they are able to be clamped directly onto any standard 22mm or 1" bar (if space is available). Rizoma also includes an expansion-type adapter to fit into your handlebar or clip-on opening (see fitment specs above). Rizoma also produces specific mounting adapters for some models that have non-standard handlebar openings. See the adapter chart tab to verify if an additional adapter is available for your bike model.