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SC-Project  SC1-R slip on exhaust for the 1290 KTM Super Duke R/GT
The SC Project slip on may be the perfect exhaust for the Super Duke R and GT. The slip on system is just slightly smaller than similarly shaped units which results in a slightly more crisp exhaust note while and still looks perfectly proportioned to the size of the Super Duke R and GT. Sound can be adjusted with fitting or removing the included baffle.

SC-Project is a race tested and race proven Italian exhaust manufacturer. SC-Project uses their MotoGP, Moto3, Moto2 and Superbike racing experience to push the limits and develop the highest level of exhaust performance.

SC-Project exhausts are hand made right along side the same exhausts you see on MotoGP bikes and at race tracks around the world. SC-Project is committed to putting race quality performance, sound and weight reduction in the hands of all motorcycle enthusiasts.

SC1-R silencer has been studied and developed by SC-Project R&D department, to be the new benchmark for World Superbike Championship. The diamond hexagonal shaped body is made in full titanium and the outlet is in matte carbon fiber that gives to the SC1-R an aggressive racing look. The new SC1-R is the perfect synthesis of SC-Project mission: study and produce exhaust for the best race teams in Superbike and MotoGP. Performance, weight reduction and sound with the excellence of a product made in Italy.

  • Aeronautical grade materials
  • Large diameter exhaust outlet
  • Bike specific exhaust mounting hardware included
  • 24 month factory defect warranty
  • Optimized exhaust shape for high lean angle
  • Exhaust Finish
     Titanium, Matte Carbon Fiber
  • Exhaust End Cap
     Matte Carbon Fiber
  • Titanium Mesh on Exhaust Outlet
  • Exhaust Type
     Slip-on Exhaust
  • dB Killer
  • Weight
     4.1 Pounds
  • Make/Model/Year
     KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2017, KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2019, KTM / 1290 Super Duke GT / 2019, KTM / 1290 Super Duke GT / 2018, KTM / 1290 Super Duke GT / 2017, KTM / 1290 Super Duke GT / 2016, KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2018, KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2013, KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2014, KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2015, KTM / 1290 Super Duke R / 2016
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